Look with Lorna

Brenda made these great felted slippers for me. Love my Brenda Lou !

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James stopped in today to show us this sweater his wife made. Great job Sally !

March 28, 2014 017


wine and wool on a Friday afternoon




A few months ago Katherine from the Fleece Artist said she would like to come and have a wine and wool tasting. She is a beautiful wool dyer and we have carried her yarns for years. I love her yarns for hooking rugs and now for knitting.

Wool tasting? Sounds fuzzy to me. But in my last post I was talking about the importance of curiosity so this afternoon I am waiting for the fleece artist’s arrival. I got the cheesecakes, some snacks, and the wine. Katherine is about to arrive with the wool.

How do we do it ? Everyone has been asking.

My answer? I have not got a clue.

I am just sitting here waiting with the wine and the cheesecakes, wondering how it’s done.

Happy to be a participant, and make a nice January afternoon, a little nicer.

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Look with Lorna

We received an order from Briggs and Little today. Great to see a company that has been in business since 1857 and still embraces the simplest of packaging.

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Megan and I had a little photo shoot while unpacking.

There is never a dull moment here that’s for sure.



Look with Lorna

This great yarn arrived this week and would be perfect for hooking in a water or sky design. It also comes in beige that would be great for a winter scene.

Aug 9, 2013 029 Aug 9, 2013 031

Aug 9, 2013 021

Aug 9, 2013 023

Look with Lorna

We have some beautiful super wash merino yarns in this week that Megan hand dyed.

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This emerald colorway yarn was the inspiration for the sweet baby sweater that Megan made this week with just one skein.

July 26, 2013 019

July 26, 2013 018

July 26, 2013 020


the scent of wool

in the making of wool

Dear Diary, Last summer I took a trip back to MacAusland’s Woolen Mill on Prince Edward Island. I had this desire to get back there and see it again, how they take the big old bags of fleece, turn it into yarn, turn it into blankets.

The mill is old and beautiful, and I found every aspect of it very picturesque. I love the smell of the lanolin on my hands when I use wool. Sometimes I just want to bury my head  in a big bundle of yarn or cloth when I am carrying it around the studio, and I do just that. I push my face right into the wool, and breathe it in.

Now you know I’m foolish.

workin' on the line

When we sell our $4 bundles of Delia’s Natural Sheep’s Wool, I sometimes remind people that she fed the sheep for that too. It’s included in the price.

form and beauty, it is everywhere

I love the patina on the wood of these spindles.

Waiting on the wool

Some things never have to change…..they remain beautiful and useful.

a touch of colour

The light was beautiful the day we were there. I could not stop photographing these wooden spindles. Everytime I saw them, they looked more beautiful than the last.

I was glad I returned there to see it again. It had been more than ten years since I had gone. Memory fades, and images need to be rekindled.

every little strand of wool

the yarns gets so messy

Dear Diary, the strands of yarn I have hanging over my sots gets so messy, all intertwined with each other, needing to be pulled apart. Perhaps they should be balled , rather than cut as skeins but I like to see the whole strand and see what it looks like. Today, I plan to take all these crazy strands and group them by colour. Not much to do, you night say, when one gets to that.  Perhaps, or maybe the handling of the wool is more important than you might think. Maybe it is in the touching, arranging, quietly piling and moving things that we learn what those wools can do. It is the lack of purpose, that perhaps moves us toward purpose. I plan to touch every little strand of wool, and see what there is to make in those piles.