when the light hits the queen annes lace

When the light hits the queen Anne’s Lace that way,

the way you know is sudden and special,

it is time to stop and breathe and just look.

When beauty lays itself before you,

offered up,

simply and quietly,

it means to be taken in.

The walk might be the same every day,

but the light is never the same twice.

The sky does not have a way of being

that makes you accustomed to it.

I have never said, “oh there it is again, the sky.”

The sun rises every morning and transforms the same

road sides, fields, and shores that I passed yesterday,

making me feels as if I have never gone done the same road twice.

That is the power of light

as it shifts and paints

and makes me believe what I might have thought impossible.



Maritime Mary: Amherst is Moving

My walking partner Margaret and I love to be outdoors, no matter how cold it is. But icy patches on sidewalks are a deterrent, so when those conditions face us, we go to our local stadium which has a very nice indoor walking track.

We’re not alone at the stadium as the traffic on the track is quite brisk. People of all ages use the facility to do their laps. Everyone is friendly, they pass, they stop to rest, and then keep moving. As one older man said to us recently, “When you come up here, lots of people wish you a Good Morning!” And that’s another benefit to moving and walking.




Catherine Bussiere: walking

one of the thing I like about being in this city is that I can walk to places
walk to get fruits and veggies, meat, bread
walk to the theater, to the museum, to the park
walk to the beach and even to a hill top high enough to overlook the whole city and beyond
we’ve been walking several km a day pretty much each day since we got to Barcelona
I love it every time

here’s what caught my eye

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Maritime Mary : We Walk

My friend Margaret and I are walkers. Most days we are seen somewhere along our regular route. We have been motivating each other for over twenty years. We love to walk.

As we start, there is no discussion as to where we will go, our path is usually the same but the odd diversion is sometimes added. Some uphill, some downhill, some flat areas. We pass the same businesses, schools, homes. Our route is routine.

Our husbands always ask what we talk about and usually we say that we don’t remember, sometimes it is just chat, nothing important. We do laugh and say, ‘What is said on the walk, stays on the walk.’ Isn’t that a good cover for being forgetful?

Margaret usually comes to my house to meet me. After so many years, perhaps it’s not uncanny that I’ll open the door to discover that we are dressed alike. At one time, we both had identically coloured green jackets and we would wear them on the same day. If I decide on a grey t-shirt, chances are that Margaret will arrive in grey as well. When we both worked, we walked at night but now that we are daylight walkers, people notice and comment. We just laugh.

At times we are telepathic. We text each other at the same time or I reach to pick up the phone just as she calls.

We are each other’s walking habits. Through rain, snow, shine and even the freezing coldest days, we dress appropriately and we walk. Our mantra is ‘Just Keep Moving.’





my new red boots

these boots of mine

Dear Diary, for Christmas I  wanted red blundstone boots. I know that I have plenty and should not want a thing but I’m still a woman, and a woman loves her shoes. I have been wearing these boots for years but they were always brown or black. Now I’m walking spiffy because my good man got me geared up with new red boots that were under the Christmas tree. I had asked months ago. About two weeks before Christmas, I ran into Jenna Boon, who runs the Joggin’s Fossil Cliffs outside, Mansour’s my husband’s store. She was all happy because she had just bought new bloodstone boots, red ones.  My heart sunk a little…did he sell my Christmas present I asked myself? I did not have the where with all to look down at her feet to check out the size because my selfish little mind was all fuzzy. Then I just hoped that if he did there was time to order another…..

The thing is these boots are made for life. They are good for walking, mucking around, and with a quick polish you can shine them up and wear to town. My life is made up of a lot of roles, mother, sister, wife, cook, rug hooker, artist, writer, walker…. the list goes on. I like to dress so that I can switch from one role easily into another. I like to walk when ever I have a spare moment so wearing high heels kinda gets in my way. Yet  I like my feet to look pretty when I look down to see my toes, or  try to avoid the ice because even in the winter I walk steady, at least a few miles each day. Years ago a woman came to the studio, and told me her grandmother always said,” Why would I wear black shoes when I could wear red?” I loved that little sentiment and wrote about it in my Making Time Journal. So my red boots are new and shiny now, so far they have about ten miles on them.