Maritime Mary: Snow!

As you know, Maritimers follow weather reports, particularly when it involves snow. Last Wednesday, our forecast was predicting somewhere in the range from 25 to 40 centimetres for Cumberland County. And people sprang into action!

Our house was much the same. First of all, we arranged to have snow tires installed on our vehicle, talk about leaving things to the last minute! We were grateful to be ‘fitted in’ the very full garage schedule with procrastinators like ourselves.

Next I went to the grocery store for storm day provisions. We really only required milk but old habits die hard, and a first storm day of the season, in my past working career meant a baking day – provided the power remained on. So I stocked up on lots of sugar, chocolate, almonds and the like. Obviously many others had similar ideas, the aisles were busy. Why we do this, I really don’t know as we are rarely house bound for more than a day.

Next, I decided that there were too many leaves unraked and thinking that this was our last chance of the season, my husband and I cleaned that yard right up. And just as we closed the last bag, light snow began to fall. I thought we were in a romantic Christmas movie!

We did get snow and we did have to dig out a bit but after some recent mild temperatures, it’s almost gone. All that fuss!!

I know that the next time a sizeable snowfall is anticipated, reactions will be there same, minus the tires and the leaves. We’ll plan that perfect storm day soup or get ingredients for a flavourful recipe to try as the snow settles in. It is after all, it’s what we do here in the Maritimes.