Maritime Mary: Peggy’s Cove

Last weekend it was the Bay of Fundy, this weekend, the Atlantic and perhaps next weekend it will be the Northumberland Strait again. How lucky are we to have three such different bodies of water so close to us? We’re hanging on to summer and loving our proximity to the water.

It seems that almost every time you pick up information on Nova Scotia, Peggy’s Cove is mentioned or an image is presented. This is a lovely spot and even though photos are clear and beautiful, it is far more attractive when seeing it in person, when you can get the extra wide lens outlook.

On Sunday, after leaving Halifax, we followed a very curvaceous road along the rocky coast to Peggy’s Cove. We climbed and walked the rocks with many others, sat a bit and continued walking on those massive, smooth, granite boulders. The weather was perfect, the water calm. That famous lighthouse, dressed in a fresh new coat of paint, was a welcoming beacon. She is to Nova Scotia what Lady Liberty is to New York City.

Many people visiting the cove that day were visitors from elsewhere in Canada and the US. I felt proud to have a Nova Scotia licence plate on our car.