Only One day left to Register: Online Course Wild with Style starts November 12

IMG_7341Join me online as we roll into Winter together.

Wild with Style my online course about designing hooked rugs and developing your style and creativity in rug hooking starts next week. You can Register Here.

We will leave it up for you to access until mid January so you have lots of time to review or work on it after the holidays.

People who have taken this course tell me that it really motivated them and made the idea of designing rugs seem and feel easier. It is a good course and I check in daily to answer your questions and see what you have been posting on the activity stream. Join me !
Register Now!  

There is no prerequisite, you can start with this course if you like.

If you want a texture package to accompany the course you can order it here

This next course will focus on design and creativity with an introduction to hooking faces, and hooking abstract design. It will be about creating your own style as you hook rugs, and being expressive and creative with it. 

You can order anytime online or by calling 1-800-328-7756
Getting Wild with Style, level two of Getting Wild with Wool
will start November

 You can find out more information and register online by clicking on the link above. The course will start September 10 and will be an independent study class with articles, video, audio, and community participation. You can register anytime .

 Here are some of the comments from participants in my online courses….

“I wanted to say if anyone is thinking of signing up for Deanne’s online course – do it! As anyone who’s taken a course with Deanne knows, she’s  a great and generous yeacher who brings alot of experience, imagination, and , always, creativity to her courses. Getting Wild with Wool is no exception. I found the course chock full of information and inspiration with many different avenues of learning. And best of all was the communication with other participants from all over the world. It just made me so proud.”  Maile in Seattle

“Thanks so much Deanne. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writings , videos etc. In a previous time I taugt painting and it was incredible when a person realized they could produce art  when they always said, “I have no artistic talent.” I have thoroughly enjoyed your class and all the lessons and I keep going back and reading everything over and over”

“I wish I could bottle this feeling and sell it because I would be a rich woman. Wow, do you ever inspire a person.”

“Great Workshop Deanne, so much info and ideas. these lesssons have been really packed.”

How the course works:

The course website has been set up and once you register you create your personal password.
Once you go to the course site you use your password to log in. The lessons will begin on the start date of your course.

I will post the first lesson  on the site on the day the course begins.

Once you are on the course website all lessons will be on the private course website.

if you want to learn more with me, we can do it online

 visit the website, there is some thing new everday!

Diane visits the studio after the online course

Dear Diary, Here is what I love about teaching online. Diane took the online course this winter while she was sitting beside Lake Michigan, not outside mind you ! But she was there and I was here and we learned together. Then she came to visit at the studio with her sister. It was so nice to have her here. That has happened quite a bit. Once someone takes the online course, they often do show up at the studio and we like that.

She enjoyed her visit I think, and got to know the Mocker, who is now an off broadway star. She is starring in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” , which Showcase is having this week at the High School. If you can go I hear she kissing a young stranger, who is no longer a stranger apparently. Anyway if you can be sure to go out and support the mocker. I’ll be there ! Plus she’s wearing a bed sheet and she said to tell you that she has no tan lines.

I hope Diane still likes us after this visit!




Wild with Style: Today is the Last Day to Register

We have had lots of inquiries about our online courses this winter.  So I thought I better get busy planning the Schedule. This winter we will do Wild with Style first for all those people who did not want to take the course before Christmas but were looking forward to doing it over the winter. For those of you just starting our online courses you should begin in February with Wild with Wool.

We have had great feedback on both of these courses. For more infomation or to register for them click on the links below.

I hope you will join me online for learning about art, rug hooking and creativity this winter.

Register Now for Wild with Style Level Two Starts January 20


Register Now for Wild with Wool: Level One  Starts February 18