Look with Lorna

When we moved my office out of the back room, the intention was to create a more useful dye kitchen. It has taken a little while to get things going but this week Brenda went out and picked up crock pots and cleared the space. Dying in small amount really gives you a chance to get the perfect colour.

Oct 3, 2013 002Oct 3, 2013 006


Oct 3, 2013 004  Oct 3, 2013 007  Oct 3, 2013 009

Oct 4, 2013 005 Oct 4, 2013 002

the dye kitchen at wonderland

colour so intense

Dear Diary, when the country girl (me ) went to the city last week she visited the Fleece artist Dye Kitchen. Their yarns are some of my favorite. I love the sheen on sub, and the fluffiness of curly locks. When I started using fleece artist yarns in my rugs about ten years ago, it was like I rediscovered hooking again, the yarns allowed me to do different things. New materials inspire me to create.

red is hard to get in the dye bath

The slide show…..

I have created a little slideshow for you to see the shots I took at the dye kitchen. Hollis , the web designer, got me a nifty little  system that allows me to do this. Just click on the photos and a new one will come up.

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