Maritime Mary: Driftwood

I summer we walk and I collect things. After a stroll through cottage lanes, I usually return with a few roadside daisies or wild roses in hand. While walking on the beach I pick up a few pretty shells, a sand dollar, if I’m fortunate, a nice rock or two and some pieces of driftwood. I lay them in the deck rail, admire them for a bit and generally return the rocks and shells to their home.

Driftwood, however, I hang on to longer. I wonder what I could do with these pieces. I have been known to use a nice slender wavy piece as a hanger for a rug hooking. In my student days I had a lovely large piece that to me was a seagull in flight. It adorned my wall. I have taken big pieces home and put them in my flower gardens. Some small and interesting pieces have adorned my mantle, a bit of summer during cool days. They’re just bits of driftwood that I saw something in.

Our neighbour at the cottage got very creative with a large piece that washed ashore last spring. I love how it’s a perfect nest for the geraniums.