Catherine Bussiere: to catch a whirlwind

I spent the day with Deanne yesterday
As you may know she has created a new online course about hooking people
She asked me out of the blue a week ago if we could shoot a video
I didn’t ask much, I said sure, when

There’s no point asking too much
I like working with Deanne
it’s always a little bit of a challenge and it’s always fun
so I just say yes

Working with her is like trying to capture a whirlwind
you never quite know which way it’s gonna go
Be ready, place your nets around and hope for the best

I had to be bossy a couple time
I actually had to take her sharpie away from her
when she wasn’t able to stop herself from moving on when the cameras were not rolling
Sure enough a sharpie magically appeared in her hands again
There is no stopping her

I tell you

I love seeing someone create
it is beautiful and somewhat magical all at once
In front of me over the course of the day
I saw different figures appear
as Deanne was talking away
I heard the story of these woolen figure come to life
In a group of sisters one got a flamboyant red dress
Not to be left out, pouting
the one in plain blue
was given a colorful scarf
She seemed content after that

No doubt
whoever is in for that course
is in for a good time
No one gets left out

DSC_0071 DSC_0106 DSC_0123 DSC_0124  DSC_0135


4 rooms

by Catherine Bussiere

there is a distant buzz, a chatter, laughter
walking through the first two rooms
wools of all colors
on shelves, hanging, posing
woman, looking, feeling, pondering
busy hands cutting, arranging, tying
I walk in another room
the dying kitchen invites me to dream
long skein of wool hanging
pots, dye, washing machine, filled with promises
the chatter is louder
I enter the last room
it is everywhere
in all forms and shapes
busy hooks
backing of all kinds
piles of wool cuttings
a sense of community, of joy, of ease
and the best
the infinite variation of design
from the hands holding the hook






















Everyday Drawing: 02

By Hayley Perry

I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it! I’ve broken my own drawing rules. It didn’t take long, really. Something so exciting happens throughout the art-making process. I guess they call it inspiration. Drawing is work – hard, hard, work. You force yourself into the studio. You give yourself some parameters and then something hits you and you throw many of those rules out the window.

I originally intended on drawing a subject from life and abstracting those drawings, much like I did within my last post. I said that I was going to pick a new subject and new medium. I didn’t. I continued exactly what I was doing because I had to.

The way the landscape began to form out of these drawings seemed so magical that I couldn’t abandon what was happening right before my eyes.  I didn’t switch my medium until I felt like I had exhausted the possibilities of the pencil.  My intuition was telling me to see it through.

Once I decided that I was drawing abstract landscapes, things became too controlled.  The lines were fine and specific.  I needed more surprise and switched to charcoal.

Viola!  The landscape emerged without me even realizing it.  The magic was back.  Also, playing with this dirty charcoal is satisfying.  There is nothing quite like manipulating a medium with only your fingers – no brush, no pencil grips – just dirt on paper.  Moving that ash around until the drawing happens.

Here are some more from the last couple of weeks:

I feel like this project is saving my mind from turning to mush.  You know that phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  Well these drawings are my apples – they are keeping my brain nice and healthy.

Has anyone else in rughooking land experienced any magical inspiration, lately?  I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading,

Hayley Perry

Wiiliam draws freely and easily

Dear Diary, For months my friend William has been promising to show me his comics. I got interested when his uncle told me that William had a character called , “Mr. Doctor Professor”. I just loved the irony, the innocent irony in it, because William is in Grade four. He is smart, funny, and interesting and he draws all the time with freedom.

He draws like a child, the way we all used to draw with exuberance and fearlessness. On Friday I saw him at a restaurant and I said when are we ever going to do that , have you show me your comics. He said, “How about Sunday at four o’clock”,. I said “Good, Come for Supper.” So today he came and we looked and looked at all the volumes. He had made books out of the comics in a series. He was not afraid to show me. When I did not quite get it, he explained what was going on between the characters. He understood that good drawing sometimes needed a bit of interpretation. There was no shame in that. Don’t you wish you were like that with your own drawing.

When grown ups  draw they think that interpretation means it is not very good, unlike William who just sees it as natural.  I have started keeping my sketch book open at my computer. It is a good place to draw while you wait for something to load. It is right in front of me, beckoning back to real life from cyber world so I can be more like William. Drawing freely, easily, happily.

After supper was over, William got a bit bored and he said, “Do you have a pencil and paper?” Of course he did…and of course I do. He drew some great fashion characters before he left the house. I guess his notion is…”Whenever you have a minute, put a pencil in it.”

I hope you draw this week.

William even holds his pencil in his own way


William even holds his pencil in his own way

it took twenty years to make this rug

inside my house

Dear Diary,  I am interested in interiors. It is my nature. I studied counseling years ago, and thought that I would make a career of it. I liked it but art found me, and I found art. I think though it is reflective of my interest in the idea of the interior. The inside of things is important.

For years I have been drawn to art that depicts interiors. Whether it is a reflective portrait, or  a chair, laden with piles of textiles. I am drawn to it. These are the images that attract me. I have never found a way  of showing interiors of houses, of the places people reside, in the same way that I have shown the interiors of people through portraiture.

I like the way I hook people. I can get better at it, there is lots of room for that, but essentially, I like what I see when I look at many of my portrait rugs.

My  rugs of home interiors always niggle at me. I have never felt satisfied. I have always wanted to better them. Lately I have found that looking through the tiny view finder of my camera I have begun to see things differently. My perspective has changed because of the way I am looking at them.

I am seeing it differently, and have found a new way to approach them. I recently took this picture of a room that used to be my old studio gallery.

view from the stairs

This picture made me rethink interiors in rugs. I found that perspective, the layout of the furniture needs angles.

gathered for another purpose

I  don’t want the rug to reflect the colour in the room, I want the rug to be itself. I gathered these wool for a picture for wool dyes, and together in my hand, I thought about what I had drawn on the frame.

simplify the lines

I took over half of the lines, and elements out. Design is about what you see not what is there. I abandoned the colour scheme.

I added another colour, only to see my mistake

This rug could take a tiny nic of the bright yellow, but this yellow could also ruin this rug. Every colour matters. Every choice matters but don’t let that hang you up. Just make the rug. Lay colours down on your frame, then take them away and try another. See what pleases the eye.

So as I start this interior rug I have a vision. I feel like I am further along then I was years ago when I made them. Photography has helped me with that. Learning to simplify has helped me with that. A better understanding of perspective has helped me with that.

So when this rug is done, and some one asks “How long did it take you to make that rug?”

I can honestly answer “…twenty years”

change it up baby…draw and sing

Dear Diary,I think the daily dose of joy for today would be watching my daughter tuck the puck into the net today at her hockey game.It was nice and tidy. I spent a little time in the Sweet Briar Boutique in Parrsboro where I often spend a half an hour if I have the time in Parrsboro. The boutique has been there for over twenty years, and Joan, the owner has a great eye, decorating all the bags, buying interesting bits and pieces. Everytime I see the entrance to her shop I want to go in because she puts such effort into the front, whether it is big overgrown window boxes in the summer , or big white fluffy Christmas ribbon for December. Today I left with a little glass teapot with a strainer right in it. I figure if she can provide me with a place to roam, and let my mind wander for a bit, then I can find a little treasure there for me or someone else. I really just like watching people do a good job at something, and she does as good job there.

We have a new bakery opened in our town, called the Sugar Shack on Havelock Street. It is just so absolutely pretty inside, with a tile floor and big mahogany tables, and the big loaf of bread I brought home was very tasty, as were the peanut butter cookies, and the ragged robins, and oh yes, the cup cake with the rosette on top, and that caramel square. It is a good thing I walk. It is a place you want to go just so you can follow the path of mosaic tiles to the big glass counter and look in at the sweets. Very nice and very welcome, just a block from my studio. It is so nice to see another business open up in the downtown.

Today I worked on another scarf, big and fluffy, and I wore the first one I made. Funny enough it is pink and orange but it looks smashing with my red wool motorcycle jacket( I just have the coat , no bike). It amazes me how colour blends. The older I get, the less I like matchy matchy, it can be so dull, but I have to be careful. One day this week I looked at myself in my colourful patterned dress, tights, boots, coat and scarf, and thought…”that combination is dangerous”, then I walked out the door anyway. For years I only seemed to wear my levis, but lately I  seem to enjoy dressing more, throwing things together.  It is the pleasure of choosing, putting one thing with another, treating yourself like the doll you are, and dressing yourself up. Why not? Clothes are fun, and a great place to express your creativity. I used to be like that as a teenager, then for years it left me, now I am interested again. If only I could knit…

So for the next rug, well, I am at the drawing board. I started a new sketch book, using some different markers last night. It was fun to see that when you change your pen, your drawing style changes with it some. I have noticed this before with charcoal, and pencil. I was using these loose painterly markers of my daughter and they actually made me draw differently. It is just a good reminder to change things up, bring new books to the shelf, new clothes to the closet, new wool to the stash, new ideas to the mat.