cream inspired


Winter is not over here in Nova Scotia.

A big snowstorm is blowing down Church Street right now.

The wind is lifting the snow off the ground.

I hardly ever make winter rugs. I made a few earlier on in my work .

The truth is winter inspires me in a more abstract way. I never much want to hook the winter landscape. Instead I like to take the shades of winter and abstract them and play with them in rugs like this. They are warmer of course than what I am looking out at right now, which is a March blizzard.

There are many ways to understand winter in art, and this rug is just one of them.

Look with Lorna

Wool, wool and more wool. The Studio is over flowing with such beautiful colours, I love walking in the door.






 Catherine has put the new wool colours on the website, her pictures are amazing so check them out.


Needle Felting

felting by Brenda

Dear Diary, Our community is lucky to have the Tantramar Senior’s College. For a registration fee of $100 anyone over fifty can join and participate as many free  courses in Amherst or the surrounding area as they like.

This winter that meant that 319 people over fifty could partake in any of the forty courses offered in the area this year. It is a great community program, ran mainly by volunteers. My sister, Joan Beswick , is on the board.

Today at the studio we offered a beginner felting course and six people came and had Brenda teach them about needle felting. Felting is a simple process of taking carded wool or fleece, and using a needle to punch the wool, in light layers, onto a piece of wool cloth.

hand at work
punching the needle thru the fleece onto the wool

There are many kinds of felting, this style is called needle felting. You can also felt wool by immersing it in hot water.

supplies are ready

You will needle a felting needle, some fleece , a backing, and a piece of Styrofoam to take the brunt of the needle as you punch the wool onto the backing.

This beautiful starfish is sculptured felting, yet another kind of felting.

Here are the basics……… imagine mixing felting and rug hooking together in some way…hmmm the possibilities
Basic Needle Felting Instructions

1. The first thing is to be very careful of the needle, they are sharp, handle it with care.

2.Take a small piece of Styrofoam and place under the area you want to felt.

For this project, place it inside the purse.

3. Take a piece of the fleece and spread it out thinly with your fingers. Start with a simple design of circles or flowers, or if you like try a scene or an abstract design. There is no limit to what you can do.

4. Take the needle and poke the fleece you laid down

Repeatedly, being careful not to poke your fingers. Poke through the fleece into the fabric below and the wools will join together.  The more you poke the wool the more firmly it will become attached

5. Lay the wool on thinly because you will be layering other colours over it, and poking them in the same way to create a design. The layering of the wool creates dimension and interesting colour blends.

6. Be playful, and experiment. Treat this project as a learning one and have fun with it.