Maritime Mary: Red

I really enjoy a good children’s book, one with a pattern that encourages little ones to join in. Recently the story ‘Red is Best’ by Kathy Stinson has been coming to mind.

When I’m out and about and a pop of red comes up in the distance, I love how the eye is drawn to it. When driving by changing foliage, the red trees stand out, as do red roofs, red flowers, red doors and I do love a red barn. In winter, crimson berries against a snowy branch is outstanding.

Recently I couldn’t resist the beautiful soft poppy red wool that was dyed by Megan here at the studio. Now when I wear my new scarf, I’m enjoying being part of that pop of red.

So as I move around and when drawn to that rich colour I see around me, I silently chime in, as my former students, aged five and six did while surrounding my feet during story time. “I like red because red is best!”





nature’s neutrals, the rug is done

is this right?

Dear Diary,  Well the neutrals debate continued. I laid wool after wool on the leaves trying to decide what colour. At one point I had five, and at at every point I was tempted to add it in a limey tinted green, but lime cannot be neuter,. Unless you lie to yourself, which I sometimes do, about my height mostly.

Choosing colour involves laying colour down on the mat. One colour than another. How do you like the way a colour feels? Colour is all about feeling.

I was careful not to change the tone, by adding a non neutral, though there were moments when I wanted to jack it up a notch. You have to stop yourself and decide to stick with the original idea if you want your vision to come close to what you set out to do. It bender gets all the way, exactly. Sometimes it ends up being better…but but never is it exactly the way I imagined.

I though a deep plaid might add some interest…..

maybe this?

I then stuck with variations on the plaid, and the yarn I chose. I mainly changed texture, keeping the colours close.
a new feeling for brown

So the rug is done now,
it’s off the frame and in the gallery. (peek by clicking on the gallery link….you’ll see the rug way down , at the bottom)

That was the final installment on the series on Natures neutral’s for now anyway….who knows what on the frame next

sing the reds, greens, yellow…not just the blues

throw a little colour into your life

Dear Diary, For years it seems that the only colour was taupe. Every magazine, every television show showed us various shades of taupe like each one was better than the other. Grey is now the new taupe if you follow the rules of taupe. I don’t. Though I have a little taupe in my life, after all it is a colour too. It seems that everyone’s shade of taupe was slightly better than everyone else’s. Well taupe might make sense for a timeless couch but really our homes and lives need a punch of colour here and there, whether it is in a pillow or a rug or even a whole room. Today I went upstairs to Stephanie’ s office above  the downtown studio. She and her partner Jason offer massage, acupuncture and other services there and they were having an open house. When I walk into her space I am inspired by the way she punches colour together. Her choices of mauve, and periwinkle and yellow, highlighted with reds and purples sounds wild , but it is not at all. It is charming and warm , and what could be very dull becomes very exciting and pleasant. The space felt good. Colour invites us to feel, it inspires us to respond to it, and we naturally do. Personally I love a dark coloured room, red, or deep green but I have learned that these are rooms I would rather visit than live with. As soon as I walk in I feel all cozy and comfortable in them but it is an infatuation for me. When I have chosen them in my own house they have not endured because I crave light, more now than ever. I throw punches of colour here and there. I recently bought pillows with hot pink mums on them for my dull sage couch, or perhaps  red jar for my olive oil in the green kitchen, whatever takes my fancy. I enjoy bits of colour.

The other day I had  on a purple jacket, with a royal blue scarf and turquoise gloves. My friend Jo picked me up. She said, “My God Deanne you got the colour going on today.” I said “Do you think it’s ugly?” She said, “Not ugly …funny.” Then she laughed.  Minutes before I had been with Brenda, who said it looked pretty, I told that to Jo. “To each his own”, she said. I said “Get used to it, you are going to see more of it.” We threw our heads back and laughed.

I have never been afraid of colour and the older I get, the less scared I am. Colour makes me want to sing…but I think I better stick to what I know…hooking rugs.

Oh by the way …thank you to the secret santa who sent me the home made book mark…sweet.