Maritime Mary: Summer Plans

As I sit quietly with my morning coffee, sunlight is streaming through the kitchen window. It’s summer sunshine and the first full day of the season in which we place so many hopes. 

We make plans for places we’ll go, day trips we’ll take, visits we’ll make to friends and their cottages, books we’ll read, deck barbeques we’ll plan, beaches we’ll walk, hikes we’ll take….  And the list could go on. 

How much can one squeeze into one short season?  How much time will we give ourselves to be at home or at the cottage and just BE in that space, in that place, and allow ourselves to enjoy the greenery of the yard, the flowers on the deck?

So while my mental to-do list is long, it is made of similar plans that I made last year and the year previous. My season will be a success if I accomplish time, time to be, to relax at home and enjoy the greens and the breezes provided by the beautiful Bay of Fundy. 

No matter where you live, may your summer be good for you. 

Maritime Mary: Lobsters

‘Tis the season again, the time of the year when we enjoy our first ‘feed’ of lobster. It sounds rather coarse but really, in my house,  a ‘feed’ may just consist of one lobster, or whatever it takes to satisfy you. 

The cold waters of the season, or the always chilly Bay of Fundy waters, provide the best of this crustacean delight. Cold waters means hard shells which in turn means full shells and nice sweet lobster meat. 

As per tradition, we covered the table with newspapers, made up a nice green salad, cut up a whole wheat baguette, added some lemon juice to hot butter and we were set to enjoy our delicious lobster. To make our day even more special, a visiting cousin from overseas joined us for his second ever taste of lobster. A step by step demonstration of lobster technique was successful and we truly enjoyed his enjoyment. 

The first ‘feed’ of the season is always the best.  


Maritime Mary: Squash and More

It was one of those fall days, the kind you envision when thinking about the season. The sun was bright, giving beautiful gentle heat, the wind light, stirring green and recently changed leaves. IMG_4266.JPG
The company too, was just right as we headed towards Parrsboro, stopping at Halfway River to go squash picking. The field was full of a wide variety of squash, ready for harvesting. We left with a couple of dozen squash, butternut, buttercup, acorn, spaghetti, a new variety for us, sweet dumpling, as well as pie pumpkins and a very interesting assortment of gourds.


The enjoyment continued as we passed blueberry fields awash in red. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Refreshments were served as we gazed over the beautiful, ever changing Bay of Fundy from our perch above. The tide was just going out.
Autumn splendour all around!