Diane Krys: Jordi Bonet

When I’m driving downtown and heading east on Jasper Avenue I say a little prayer to the traffic light gods as I approach the 121st street intersection. I’m not wishing for a green light as you might expect, instead I have my fingers crossed for a red light so I can stop and face the 1960 built Jasper House apartment building. High on a smooth facade sits a sculpted mural I never tire of looking at. It’s stunning and dramatic like a beautiful brooch on a sleek column dress.


I love the collage of colourful squares set atop a doodle of line work. It’s a contraction with lines that look so delicate and threadlike yet stand strong and endure the elements year after year. The shadows intrigue me as much as the piece itself and create a playful kinetic quality.



It was created by Quebec artist Jordi Bonet (1932 -1979). He was a painter, muralist and sculptor. Although he primarily worked in Quebec, his works are peppered across Canada in places like a metro station in Montreal,Quebec or a mural in Moncton, New Brunswick to name a few spots. Often his work is integrated into our landscape and daily routines and because of that we relate to it differently I think. It seeps into our soul and intellect from a different angle compared to when we go to a gallery or museum with an intent to view and analyze. This piece in particular opened my eyes to all the little known gems that live without fanfare in our cities and towns yet offer so much. I’ll let Jordi Bonet have the last word in this post. I’m always moved by this quote.

To often we work in solitude, far from the fields of action where our destiny can blossom, towns are built around us but we are not there. Yet art is as at ease in the streets and public places, as in the museums, it is the collective richness of all men, everyone has a right to find it in their homes, in the objects they use, everywhere in the country where they live.

If as artists, we must express the anguish of our tormented civilization, then our work must, above all, express hope and what we will become.
Close our eyes, open our minds, see
“Art is the scripture of visions to come”

Jordi Bonet  

Look with Lorna

Love to see the changes happening in our little town. Furlongs Funeral Home has joined our Create Beauty Everyday revolution..they are having a local artist create this beautiful wood craving. Bruce Hebert is known for his artistic skills with a chain saw. He is presently working on this tree and will be completed in a day or two. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Sue Dove, embroidery artist answers ten lovely questions

a day in the life of a dog

Dear Diary, Sue Dove, the author Painting in Stitches, came last year to the Creativity and Spirituality Workshop that Don Miller and I did together during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival last October.  She was featured on this blog last week  wearing my funky coat that the three women from England took back with them.

Some of you inquired about her work so I thought I would show you some of it and ask Sue to answer the  Ten Lovely Questions…

Sue Dove, artist,  answers  the Ten Lovely Questions

1)  What do you find lovely?

…Flowers,Friends,Dogs,Woods especially with Bluebells in, Textiles that people have made

2)  When was the last time you surprised yourself?

When l finally went to a solicitor to get a divorce!!
Embroidery by Sue Dove

3)  How old do you feel?

Can never tell…too busy enjoying myself.So many things to make

4)  When do you know it’s time to get creative?

All the time,even when lm washing up

5)  What’s you next great plan?

Starting a new Fine Art Textile group for all my exstudents,in my newly cleared out studio…

6)  What is your earliest creative memory?

About six years old,making a doll out of my mums fabric scraps…havent stopped since!

7)  Name three people you’d love to invite to dinner.

.It has to be four! Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury).Alan Bennett (writer) Monty Don (gardener,writer and my pinup) and Stephen Fry.(actor and clever chap)

the trip

8)  What was the last interesting idea that your grasped?


9)  Name three things that are “so not you”.

Smart clothes, Paperwork  and Offical stuff, Tidy House.

10) Name three words that sum you up

Artful..Cheerful..Colourful and Strong.