long winter evenings

Another winter evening is starting to fall upon us. The light lasts a little longer but the evenings are still long. The other night I drove in the light until six o’clock. It was so nice to have the light a little longer. I have to admit though I like the dark evenings and mornings too. I go up to my studio after supper and hook under the lamp light. It is difficult to chose colours but if you know your colours you are all set. In the morning if I wake up early , like five am, I just snuggle in the dark for another snooze. There is kind of a comfort in the dark.

Where I grew up winter started at three o’clock, right after school. Anytime after three was called the evening. Now I find it is more like five o’clock before we consider it evening.

I do miss long walks on clear roads with no ice. I miss a cool wind against a light fall or spring jacket.  Winter isn’t easy but there are wood fires that cozy it up some. There are soups and stews, and getting cold and warming up. There are hot baths. You can light the candles early cause it is dark . I also love wearing warm scarves, and pretty cowls. What do people in warm places do with their sweaters? I love pulling on a baggy sweater.

When I look at the pictures  below I also know that I love the palette of winter. Greys and greens,whites, creams and taupes. This is the palette of my home . I feel comfortable in it.

I guess I try to make the best of winter. I get overwhelmed by snow storms but there were two days this week that there was barely any snow on the ground and you could walk around like it was spring. In Nova Scotia, we get those little reprieves and I appreciate them. It feels a bit like getting away.

I have been hooking and knitting a lot in my long evenings. I fill them with colour. I think they might be a bit grey if I did not. I need things to do . I have also been visiting. You’ll find people at home in these winter evenings and they welcome a bit of company. I too like it when someone comes to the door and stays for a cup of tea. It breaks up the evening and lightens things a bit. Winter company is as welcome as spring.

IMG_0374 IMG_0369


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