Saturday Afternoon Letter from Deanne January 12

Hey Everyone,
It is Saturday afternoon and I decided to leave the studio early and come home for a nap but instead I started thinking of my newsletter. The nap is coming later. I have been pondering that I am going to try to write these newsletters the way I used to write my blog. Just a few notes about what is on my mind and what I am up to. I am missing that kind of writing that I used to do and I feel that I want to get back to it.

Today I hooked five small foxes on a golden background. As I look at the design I created, a blend of a field rug and a Newfoundland village, it looks as if the foxes are sneaking in and stealing something away. It might be time. The foxes are looking like a symbol of change. I think this way about my rugs sometimes as I make them. Sometimes they are full of thoughts and ideas, and other times, they are just purely about beauty and there is no intellectualizing them. I seem to waver in this. Sometimes I want them to be a search for meaning while other times beauty is enough.

It is interesting having Logan working with me. She went art school and has a degree in Fine Art, so did Angela. I never went art school, mainly because I never even knew it was a possibility. I think it would have been lovely.

It is fun to chat with them about what I am thinking and get their perspective on what they are doing. We all approach our work differently. We all put ourselves into it in one way or another no matter how we learned. You too, have your own way of approaching your creative work. It is the beauty of it. We all get to put a bit of ourselves into it.

As I hook I have been listening to audiobooks so my mind gets carried off and my thoughts come and go. It is the beauty of making, that your hands are turning things over but your mind is free to listen, to grow, to learn. I am always on the lookout for audio books. Most recently I have listened to Krista Tippett & John O’Donohue. Two of my favorite people to listen too. The public library has just given me notice that a Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling pen name ) is available for me. I have read her Comoran Strike Novels  but I think I may listen to one. It is lovely to have your hands busy and your mind free.

I have been doing well with my strengthening resolution. I am planking ( google it if you are not daughter taught me this great little exercise) two or three times a day, walking, and working on my art and my business. So far I am sticking with my word of the year…Strengthen. I love it because it can apply to anything…mind, body, spirit. As for last years word “Savour”, I am still holding to it, but sadly, I do still whoof down my food sometimes, only to remember, savour, after it is gone, and I am looking for a sweet. I have though been better at savouring the moment. It is our job, I think, to know something beautiful when it is in our hands, and that is sometimes just the moment we are in.

Registrations are coming in for our class this winter and that excites me. I love the thought of watching people create Where the Orchard Blooms this winter and throughout the year. I have ordered the wool and we have already dyed the sky for the kits. So far I am really happy with the response. If you are interested all the information for registering is included below.

I have to go now as it is time to start a new novel and fall off to sleep for a nap. I have company coming over later and I have cooked them up a bite to eat. I even made some baklava. Yum. I hope you have a good weekend, and that you get some time to hook, and yes, maybe even a nap, Deanne

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Winter online course with Deanne Fitzpatrick & Pattern on linen.
This product comes with the online course and the24″x24″ pattern on linen. With this you will have the best of both worlds, the lessons at your disposal, and the pattern at your fingertips! With this you will be able to follow along with ease. All you will need is a stash to work from.

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While winter comes with unique beauty, such as the glow of a sunrise over a snowy field, or the smell of woodsmoke cutting through the brisk night air, sometimes you need to insert a bit more colour in your life; and this years winter online course is exactly what you need to brighten the season!

This course will begin on March 4th, and you will receive two lessons a week for four weeks. A total of twenty instructional videos comes with this product guiding you through the process, and the focus will be on creating a rug with meaning and warmth, and of course learning how to produce flow. The modern field rug has a depth and flow that invites you into the space, and I can’t wait to get started with you!

Until January 31st take advantage of the savings! There is a lot to be excited about as you are sure to create a rug so beautiful, you will wish you could visit the orchard.

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The Studio will be offering several packages for this course, pattern, wool, course and a kit.
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This product does not come with the online course, however the way it is designed is sure to promote flow, and invites your unique interpretation!

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Just the Wool Pack!
Where the Orchard Blooms: Hooking Field Rugs Wool Package
Please note: This package does not complete the rug. It is a partial kit.
Where the Orchard Blooms: Hooking Field Rugs, Wool Package
This wool package is absolutely gorgeous, and truly inspires the essence of my original rug. The colours and textures are to die for, and are meant to give you a good start on your piece. Trust me, you want this box!

This wool package includes: 9 swatches of wool cloth
11 mini skeins of Textured Yarn or Equivalent,
1 – 16 by 12 swatch of Blue
Sexy Jersey Swatch or small bundle of Sexy Jersey.

What you will receive won’t be exactly as shown, however we in the studio know that you will create something really beautiful with it!

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