A Belated Happy New Year

In typical technophobe fashion, my post comes a bit late. A computer glitch had kept me from posting earlier, much to my frustration. Perhaps it was karma’s way of making me reflect a bit more on what I wanted to share. With the help of the wonderful Deanne, I am now back in the game and ready to share my thoughts.

A new year, new hopes, new dreams.   I always find it a bit disturbing how easily we dismiss the previous year, hoping for a ‘do over’ of sorts.  All of the failures and challenges tend to be at the forefront when a new year rolls around.  It seems a perpetual second chance to make things right, to be a better person, to strive towards those goals that we had hoped to accomplish the previous year.

Could it be that we are approaching the season in the wrong mind set?  What if we looked back on the previous year and acknowledged the successes, the achievements hard won, whether they be small or large?  Why not start a new year with a list of the positives of the last year, not the negatives.  Perhaps our goals should be to build, not necessarily change, who we are.

As I think about what I wish to accomplish in this coming new year-my own  ‘do over’ year, I choose to think of it as a platform to build on what I have already accomplished and use the disappointments as teaching moments instead of failures.  I resolve to enter this new year facing forward, not  carrying the weight of past mistakes.  I resolve to make ‘let it go’ a bigger part of my own personal philosophy.

Let us all take the best of 2018 with us into this bright new year.


One thought on “A Belated Happy New Year

  1. Angie, this is a beautiful way to look at the New Year. I will carry it with me, even as I am planking to carry out my word for the year , strengthening. Still , it is so important to savour our past success you are absolutely right on.


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