The Importance of a Moment


We rarely appreciate  the little moments;  a laugh, a hug, a chance encounter.  In retrospect, all of these little vignettes  take on huge importance when life suddenly changes.  How many times do we forget to tell our friends, family and partners how much they mean to us?  Perhaps we are blinded by the outside life noise-the job, the appointments, the groceries; perhaps we are just plain tired and the moment  slips away, not because we don’t care, but because we are just too weary.  Daily life can become an effort and we inevitably shortchange the moments that should matter.

Remembrance Day is a good time to remember, not only our veterans, but those left behind.  Picking up the pieces and carrying on is a monumental task and having someone take a moment to acknowledge your efforts can make a huge difference.  Carrying that philosophy into the days beyond November 11th is important.  There will always be someone who is hurting and we all have the power to help ease the burden.

Lest We Forget…