There are times that you just have to pony up and take one for the team.  My day of reckoning came last week when I noticed a small brown paper bag on our table in the studio.  Anyone familiar with the studio knows that the large wooden table by the cash register is the home of the oatcakes and a gathering spot for lunches and communal activities.  Anything food related on the table is generally considered fair game and it has been the staging area for some pretty amazing treats lately.  On this particular day, I was the first to notice an innocuous brown bag that had mysteriously appeared at some point during the afternoon.   It was an unassuming little package with a clear cellophane window that revealed a  glimpse of what appeared to be something vaguely chocolatey (with almonds, no less).  Being the self sacrificing type, I immediately threw myself into action-after all, there was no telling what this might be! It was up to me to taste test and confirm that it was completely safe for the rest of the team.  I valiantly assumed the guinea pig role and took a nibble …and then I seriously considered hiding the bag.  What a delight!  Lovely crispy caramel goodness topped with chocolate, sea salt and almonds-my taste buds rejoiced with every bite.  Where had this magic come from?  I had to know even though it meant giving up the small bag of delectable yummies to my cohorts in order to find an answer.  After somewhat reluctantly sharing, I discovered that Vivian, one of our Thursday lunch group of knitters and crafters had been responsible for the gift.  My mission was clear and the following Thursday I presented myself and begged shamelessly for the recipe and, joy of all joys, she gave it up!

Fast forward to my day off and a shopping trip later.   My cooking day had arrived and the recipe was a simple one. The heady scent of caramel began to waft from my kitchen as I got down to business.   My husband, who has the nose of a good hunting dog, began lurking around, searching for the source of the magical aroma.  Jealously, I guarded my creation, only presenting after it had cooled sufficiently to be enjoyed in all of its glory.

I waved a plate full of little treasures in front of him, grinning.

“What’s this?” He asked of me suspiciously.  To be fair, I have been known to sneak some pretty bizarre mixtures into his diet.

“Just try it.”

The proffered bit of goodness disappeared and I was immediately rewarded with the look that says it all.  Needless to say,  this extremely simple recipe has joined my collection of favourites and will be played with and adapted from this day forward.  Curious?  I have to give credit where credit is due-this version of the recipe came courtesy of the Smitten Kitchen website-chocolate caramel crack(ers).  Give it a try,  it is extremely easy and makes tons. Bon Appétit!  -Angie


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  1. Sounds wonderful chocolate Carmel crackers but I cannot find it on Smitten website . Would love to make it for my Tuesday rug hooking group.


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