A Typical Day or ‘Why I Love My Job’

There are times when something happens that drives home how very special  our studio is.  I am constantly gratified by the reactions of visitors on their initial visit to the shop, as they slowly wander through the main floor, completely captivated by the riot of colour and texture.  We usually make a point of directing them  around the corner where we assemble kits and orders, then into the little antechamber where Logan is usually happily dyeing a new batch of yarn or wool, always contributing to our lovely inventory of colour.  Chuckles can usually be heard when the washer/dryer combo with their funky graphics come into view quickly followed by gasps of wonder as they discover yet another huge room on the other side.  This space boasts incredibly high ceilings and lovely hardwood floors with a comfy couch and chairs that invite a nice break for chatting.  As always, one of a kind custom pieces hang throughout all of the spaces, displaying Deanne’s limitless talent and imagination.  Deanne’s private studio is visible through large glass doors and our visitors are always amazed at the works in progress  on the large hooking frame that takes up a good part of the space.

Saturday was a day that demonstrated exactly how a welcoming creative space inspires community and kindness.  Several people passed through our doors throughout the day, many from ‘away’ and all making a special effort to stop in as part of their travels.  A lovely lady named Diana popped in and shyly admitted that although she was a gifted knitter, she had little experience with hooking.  A two minute lesson on how to hook was offered and I found it so rewarding to witness her delight as she quickly picked up on the skill.  During her visit, our draw winner, Patsy , stopped in to pick up her  prize.  Everyone in the studio gathered round as she carefully opened her package, revealing a hooked purse.  The oohs and ahs quickly turned to speculation on how to make a similar piece.  Design conversations and oatcakes led to purchases as the ladies became excited by the idea of future projects.  Diana picked up a few items with a promise to return later for a kit that I was in the process of assembling.

True to her word, she returned later in the afternoon with her little dog, Miss Millie.  The two had made the long walk from their campground to our downtown studio!  A bowl of water was provided for Miss Millie and she happily curled up for a rest under the table as her  special person enjoyed a well deserved rest and an oatcake.  We debated for awhile about supplies and projects, exploring various options.  During the course of our conversation, a lovely group of ladies entered the shop and began offering very helpful advice as we explored the best possible supplies for Diana’s future projects.  Lively banter regarding  experiences and places shared ensued as Deanna joined the group, enjoying the fellowship and enthusiasm.  What had started as a short lesson in hooking had now bloomed into new friendships and knowledge as these wonderful ladies offered Diana and Miss Millie a drive back to the campground.  As ladies departed, I was struck once again by the sense of  community that this space brings to all who visit.  From beginners to professionals, all are welcomed and included.  Friendships are forged and knowledge is shared.  Encouragement and advice is offered freely as visitors become part of our family.  I am so grateful to be a part of this magic place.   -Angie

Photo: Paula/Lynn/Deanne/Pattie/Diana (Miss Millie was camera shy)



One thought on “A Typical Day or ‘Why I Love My Job’

  1. Good morning, loved the message today.
    We just returned home from our week in Nova Scotia. We visited the shop three times and finally on the third visit my daughter Karla and I made our purchases. We enjoyed talking with Deanne and all the lovely ladies. I bought a beautiful ball of yarn that was just dyed. Kissed by the River.
    I have started my kit Harvest Moon.
    Memories will be with me as this was on my list.
    Thank you for a wonderful experience.
    Christine Ford


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