Art is Everywhere

Beauty is more important than perfection when you are making art. If you were performing heart surgery, well perfection would rule. There is no doubt.

Scientists and mathematicians also talk about beauty though. There is beauty in everything.

We only have to open our eyes.

Last week I spent the week in Manhattan, looking at galleries, and seeing art everywhere. I learned so much in that week. If you asked what I learned, I would be hard pressed to list it, I just know that I came away with a new inspiration, a new vision, a new appreciation.

I feel like I love cities more, but I also love country roads more. They are completely juxtaposed, and I am so thankful for both. Today I am excited to be back in my studio, thrilled really. I am ready to hook. I drew a design on before I left and I wondered if I would be interested in it when I got back. Actually I am more interested in it. I want to hook it with all the influences have had. I actually see it in a different way.

There is so much beautiful art in the world. It is in the music, the buildings, the way people dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the stone work, the food, the decor, it is everywhere, and that is not just in Manhattan, that is everywhere.

Art is everywhere.

Look for it, Deanne