You might need some colour inspiration.

You might need to look at form.

You might have one landing on your hand right now.

Butterfly. Butterfly.

Watching them fly around so beautifully

Made me want to hook rugs. 

I hope it does the same for you. 

Beauty in abundance. Everywhere.

Summer in a garden.

Fresh strawberries down the road. 

Soon to be a bowl on your table. 

The slightest breeze.

White sheets on clothelines.

New potatoes. 

Old friends.

Knowing your blessings.

Feeling your abundance. 

The evening light. 



3 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Most of the butterflies in Des Moines, Iowa (in my neighborhood, at least) are gone. I remember times not so long ago when our yard was filled with them. And when I was a child here, some 55 years ago, I recall there were many, many butterflies and colorful moths. Now there are very few. All the farmland due west of us is “city” — West Des Moines, to be precise — and it is now a genuine occasion when I see a butterfly or even a cabbage moth in my yard. I am heartened to see Nova Scotia still has butterflies. I am, at present, indoors, escaping from the intense summer heat and working on a painterly seahorse design of my own making. I have never hooked a butterfly. I should. Gee whiz, I will certainly have enough wool strips left over from this colorful seahorse project.


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