Meeting Doris

This week we had a fashion show in Moncton, a small city north of Amherst for 30 Church Women’s Clothing. Before the show I sat with a 91 year old woman, Doris,  who had travelled the world, and eventually came home to retire. Our conversation was easy. It was not about what Doris did but about what she was doing. When ever I meet someone older who is living a full life it makes me embrace aging even more. 
The thing about getting older and wiser is really true for many people. You carry so much experience with you. You have sorted through so many ideas. You know yourself more, and therefore you know more because it is always that struggle between self and the world around it that needs sorting out. 

For me turning fifty was critical in coming to terms with aging. I have lived over half a century. Surely there has to be some serious learning in half a century. I always felt like an old soul. I would have to say I see that same old soulness in my children. Some people have that way about them.  But at turning fifty I feel that I am not just an old soul, I am actually an older person. And this morning at least, I like that and meeting Doris at the fashion show inspired me to embrace aging. 

It is not about what I have done, that is just collected knowledge. It is about what I am doing on any given day, at any given moment. Being thankful for peace of mind and a healthy body.

I just love meeting people who inspire me. When I got to work the next day, there was a message from Doris, thanking me for the visit the night before.

She gets me. I get her. 

Aging is just part of life. 

Life stays good.

6 thoughts on “Meeting Doris

  1. What a beautiful lady.!.. hope we can get there as bright and perky as her! Think positive is always a good attitude to cultivate…. Cheers (I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks a whole bunch) Carmella from NB


  2. As always, your way of sharing your experience in life so openly and your love of hooking rugs, the vibrant colors, textures, and shapes, energizes me!


  3. So well said and so true. From reading your many posts I would say you Are an old soul…who has more than rug hooking wisdom to share.I so enjoy your posts. I am nearing 70 and just took up hooking last year. I love where I am in life and would not care to “go back”!


  4. Bravo for your words regarding Doris. She has th right atitude. You on the other hand are really just coming into Blossom lady. 💐


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