Things I love more as I get older

There are things I love more as I get older….

humility, that softening of heart and soul,

high heels

and comfortable shoes.

Lipstick, my mother told me I would,


good manners,

and quick wit, the kind that catches you by surprise.

Youthfulness in the young, but especially the old.

Lines around other people’s eyes

(I am still coming to terms with my own).


and faith in all it’s forms.

A kiss on the top of my head from someone who has known me forever,

or at least twenty years.

The smell of fresh air on someone I love.

A bath before bed.

A good story from the horses’ mouth.

Cozy sweaters

and fried eggs.

These things seem to matter more now than ever.

2 thoughts on “Things I love more as I get older

  1. Thank you Deanne for your inspiration, generosity of spirit and art, and for your voice which I love to hear and read. I’m hoping that you will continue to write. There is a calmness and a fine cadence in your words. Maybe someday I’ll make the long trek from California and visit your shop and meet you. I hope so, Swiss Beckman


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