Someone to Celebrate: Carol McCall and the oatcakes

On this our twenty fifth year it is important to celebrate. Even if the truth is we have been celebrating all along.

However simply.

Often it is a cup of tea and an oatcake.

Last year Carol made us 972 oatcakes that we have to studio visitors.

The oatcakes are special.

They are crisp and delicious.

Carol is an important part of the studio because she does this for us. We so appreciate her.

Visitors sometimes ask us how much they are.

We are so happy to tell them they are free.

Just a thank you for visiting us.

Often if someone is waiting while the other shop they are so happy to have a little treat.

972 oatcakes.

That is something to celebrate.

Carol McCall making them for us makes her someone to celebrate.

As a small business owner I have found that people like Carol who are retired but are willing to help a small business make a big difference.

We rely on her and are thankful for her.

9 thoughts on “Someone to Celebrate: Carol McCall and the oatcakes

  1. It was so welcoming to come to the shop and be able to shop and explore enjoying a nice cup of tea and an oatcake. What a wonderful way to greet your shoppers, students and visitors. Thank you


  2. Wow, 25 years! Congratulations on a 1/4 century of business! I have had your oatcakes and love them. I have your recipe and make it every now and again. I just had tea and was wishing I had a cookie to go with it. . . . now I have the answer. . . I will fetch out the recipe in the morning and make them and think of you all in NS. Love to all. . keep up the good work. Claudia (in Austrlia)


  3. They are absolutely scrumptious and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for so gereously sharing the recipe. I make them for my almost 95 year old mother. They mail beautiful and stay crispy and delicious. She shares with the others in her memory care unit!


  4. Kudos to those oatcakes..i altered you wonderful recipe and add flax flour and ginger bits & we love them.


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