Twenty five years and counting

For twenty five years I have been hooking rugs and running a business around it.

For twenty five years I have been an artist.

That is a reason to celebrate.

Twenty five years and counting.

I began with a two thousand dollar loan from my mother and an old trunk and hutch in my front room that I used to sell supplies from. 

My sister Joan, God Bless her heart, bought many of my early rugs. So did my other sisters. They were all supportive. 

My mother wondered what the heck I was doing as I had just graduated with a masters degree in counselling but had decided I wanted to hook rugs for a living. She had right to wonder. She had not hooked rugs for sixty five years but she started again.

I never wondered. Everyday I did something that would make my business a little better.

For a while I spent more money than I made. I poured any money I made back into my business. 

My husband paid the household bills. Being married really made a difference. It was so much easier knowing I did not have to pay the light bill.

I paid an employee before I paid myself. I needed help as there was so much to do. 

When I think back to my early years in business I think of packing cards late at night. 

I loved pretty much every minute of it. 

I still do. 

Today I am trying to come up with a small pattern to celebrate twenty five years. I went to bed last night thinking about it and I woke up this morning thinking about. That is what it is like. What you do is just part of you all the time.

Twenty five years of grace. 

Twenty five years of beauty. 

Twenty five years and counting.

Grateful for the years gone by. 

Hopeful for the years to come.

Prayers and Blessings.


17 thoughts on “Twenty five years and counting

  1. I am not a rug hooker as you well know but every day i am in awe of your’s.In every rug you hook there is a part of you and you put it out there bravely for the world to see.Congratulations on 25 years of success,25 years of beauty and imagination ,and mostly for letting me be your friend and be happy for you being you!


  2. Deanne – 25 years! Where have they gone? I remember thinking, and saying, “you’re crazy” and never have I been so happy to be wrong. You are an inspiration to many, including me, and not only do I admire your artistic ability and your willingness to take risks but also your sharing and caring. Here’s to many more wonderful years………love you, Donna


  3. Look at the community you have built in this quarter century. We are all better for knowing you. We are freer, we are less judgmental about our work. And that is what you have encouraged all along. Kudos Deanne. Much love.


  4. A masters degree in counselling? Deanne you use that education every day in all that you do. It was never wasted. It is applied so creatively and touches so so so many people. The creative gift you have… now that would have been a loss if you sat behind a desk as an advisor. Encouraging people to “see” color, and texture and expression of themselves. Wrapping people warmly in your hospitality. Guiding them to listen to their inner self and take the road they are called to… Boom!


  5. We often have no idea where life will take us nor do we have an idea how much impact we have on the lives of others. But what we do know, is that we should do our best to leave this world a little better, a little brighter and do the best we can with the hand we are dealt with.

    Deanne, you have made such an impact from those humble beginnings to what you and Robert have built in your community. Your Mom would be so proud; maybe she didn’t understand what direction you were going with that loan, but that she had such faith in YOU! Congratulations!


  6. I am sure you know that you have used your counseling degree. Just not in the traditional way! Our art is cheaper than therapy is what I say! Cheers to many more rug hooking adventures!


  7. Congratulations Deanne. You run an amazing business. It has been my great pleasure to visit your store. As a newbie to hooking, you took the time to explain things to me,giving me the courage to try this hobby. Your shop is so inviting and the staff is wonderful. You should be very proud o what you have succeeded in doing. Hoping for many more wonderful projects from you.


  8. I am so glad you are in business for me to find you! My dear paternal grandmother was quite a crafts lady. She knitted, tatted, sewed, crocheted and hooked rugs. I own 2 of her half moon scatter rugs, which I cherish. They are what led me to your website as I want to learn to do the things she did. It makes me some how feel closer to this loving woman who has been gone more than 30 years. Your rugs are beautiul; the colors are vibrant! Congraulations on your first 25 years!


  9. You and I met in 1994, when you taught me to hook! I love it to this day and thank you. I remember the joy of voming into your home your home with Mark…so welcoming! Congratulations on 25 years!!


  10. What an amazing business you have created. You have brought joy to many….from your rugs hanging in their homes to being taught the art of hooking. When I think of your business I think of the early years going around to second hand shops purchasing wool clothing to be cut up in strips for your masterpieces. I was lucky to tag along on some of those adventures. Congratulations on 25 years Deanne! Xo


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