On the eve

On the eve of the New Year I am thankful for the last year. 

Sitting with a few prayers, and hair in a towel ready to go out with friends, I look back and see that there was so much beauty behind me this past year. 

My family thrived. 

Work was good. 

I loved so many of the rugs I made.

I sit here hopeful that new ideas, new interests, new beauty will follow for all of us, for you.




Lately when I wake in the morning I think “Let me fill this day with good things.”

I love the video that Maya Angelou made where she tells people to “Be a blessing.”

So often we look for blessings but she reminds us to be one. 

A succinct statement. Be a blessing. 

May 2017 be just that.

May we all be a blessing in 2017.


6 thoughts on “On the eve

  1. Happy new year.

    What a good thought –
    Be a blessing.

    Perhaps you can make us another bracelet ?!?? Love my bracelets!

    Love those mittens too!!!!


  2. Happy New Year and we WILL make it a blessing! Maya Angelou is real and wonderful…it’s so good to have someone who thinks clearly when we do not…
    Your pictures are meaningful…we, too, have a woodpile on the back porch…with an ash bucket nearby…!
    Take care…Carol


  3. Thank you Deanne. My friends tell me that I’m a blessing. I just have to learn to believe them! I will do that. Every morning tell myself “I am a blessing. My friends are a blessing. My family is a blessing. Create beauty today, whether it be a rug, some music or a tidy-up in a corner that really needs tidying up!!” Happy New Year!


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