That old black ice got a hold of me

I fell down walking up Victoria Street. My niece and I were talking when I saw that part of the sidewalk was covered with a skiff of snow. I stepped on  it.
It was not an easy fall. It was one of those falls that you are in the air first and then you land face down. It was a fall like the ones in the cartoons. A dramatic big time real life smash.

Luckily I had on my big fake fur coat which gave me a nice padding. Not a thing was hurt. Not even my pride. I have fallen a couple of times lately. Once I slipped on all the rotten apples under the tree when I was doing the pine boughs. I thought wouldn’t those bare branches with apples look so good in my window boxes. Wham right into the rotten apples. I was covered with brown scum but I continued with decorating. When I came in the door I took off the dirty clothes right by the door. I felt like a kid again.

It is strange how falling makes you feel like a child. As an adult though , when you get up ok, you are filled with this great sense of relief. Thank goodness nothing was broke. You just know you will be stiff. And I am. Stiff and sore and relieved. That sense of relief makes you happy. Oddly enough, after a fall you have this sense of elation. “I am ok, whew that was close.”

“That old black ice took a hold of me”…but I got up , continued to walk with my niece and just counted my blessings. Today, however, I will walk at the rink. I should be fine on that nice rubber floor as I walk slowly and stiffly trying to juice up my muscles and apologize to them for my clumsiness. 

This is my niece and I prior to the dramatic slip on the ice where I pummelled into the air before hitting the ice with a thud. It was misty out so we were protecting our hair with our scarves. Had I known I could have also worn some hockey gear.

11 thoughts on “That old black ice got a hold of me

  1. Happy you are OK Deanne
    I had on a new pair of boots last winter, while cleaning snow off my truck, & went face down. Didn’t get hurt but lost confidence in boots, lol. Don’t wear them now without ice picks on them.

  2. I’m glad you are okay. I know that feeling all too well! Now that I’m alone and remote, it is especially scary. I am aware of
    My mortality more and more-
    And I’m only 50
    In may! Interesting how life is-inuse to be so strong physically.

    I received my two bracelets today!!!! I love them! They are substantial-
    Which I need, working doing something or the other always with my hands. I hope you add more! Sign me up.
    I have very long arms…. lol

  3. Good to know you were fine after the fall. In Alaska the walking surfaces are icy. I take very small steps and sometimes do a unexpected slide and catch my balance. I can relate to falling unexpectedly. So glad you are okay.

  4. So sorry about your fall!!! I always jump up after I fall- apparently some kind of inborn reaction?!?
    Warm bath and hot toddy will help😍

  5. Ouch! I hope that you are OK. Falls are so discombobulating and they can shake one to the very core. Yes, they can make you feel like a child. They can also make you feel old. They leave you feeling vulnerable and not in control. For me anyway…falling on ice (bruises), falling down the stair case (stitches), getting knocked over by a rambunctious golden retriever (laughter plus bruises)….Hold onto the railing and one foot in front of the other.

  6. I know what you went through when you had your fall. This happened to me a year and a half ago. I tore my shoulder again, it can’t be sewn. Be very careful.

  7. OUCH….I know the feeling Deanne as about 2 years ago I did a face plant on the ice and sported quite the shiner for the next 3 weeks!! I was pretty scary looking and tired quickly of the question ” what happened to you?” LOL

  8. Awww, I am so sorry you fell. The story of my life with this bad hip but that soon will change. Yaaay. Meantime, you watch yourself before you do break! I know what you mean about feeling like a kid through these things. its like being pulled right back into childhood memories of feeling vulnerable in these moments and also very relieved. Glad you weren’t hurt. 🙂

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