I have decided to start to write more here because I believe the more I write the easier it will be to write. I just want to kick off the new year with a practical creative habit. 

In my writing I have periods where I write a lot and periods where I barely write at all. I find that when I hook a lot I get better. Ideas flow more easily. I am going to try to write in the same way I hook. Just let it flow. 

So I will not wait for the new year.

There will be no beginning.

Instead it will just be a continuance.

I will start from here. No waiting for the right time. 

Why wait when you can begin. 

I might wait for something else. Something I have to build a commitment to. 

Something I do not look forward to. 

I love to read my old writing. The old blog posts here from years ago. 

Once I have written them I am glad. 

Sometimes I read things over and I remember. 

Sometimes I read things over and see how I have grown . 

These writings will be right off the cuff. 

I want to write from the spirit inside me that wants to write. They will be done in the moment because that is the only way I do it well. 

Maybe these will be a conversation. Maybe sometimes I will ask a question. Right now I am wondering…

Are there practical creative habits that you need to start?

What if you hooked everyday , what would happen?

5 thoughts on “Working

  1. Hooking for me is my passion. However owning a shop, I have to spend time doing things that I know will sell, and Rugs are far and few between. that is so sad to me. In my brain I think everyone should hook, or love hooked rugs. 🙂 I love and do many other primitive arts, but my passion is in my rugs. So what if I hooked everyday? I try to say ok Janet, just hook this pile of strips, then move on to something else. 3 hours later I’m still hooking. ooopppps! Sooooo the question for me is; When do I stop hooking?
    I love to read your posts. Sometimes they change the course of my day.
    Hope you are feeling better from your fall.

  2. I do love the inspiration from your writing as well as rug hooking. You are a true blessing to your readers.

  3. Deanne your writing and your commitment to your art have been an inspiration for me since I first found your rug hooking shop….your blog writing is poetry in my view, your hooking a developing art stream that flows gently with this poetry….Please know that your work is helping many of us in many ways, and I am most grateful!!! May 2017 bring you a peaceful creative space in time.

  4. Thank you so much, Deanne. Your hooking AND your writing give me a feeling of peace…feeling connected to so many people that I haven’t met but who share similar perspectives with mine

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