Cozy at home 

There is nothing like home. I have had a long tradition of making a rug for myself in December. I had just finished making a rug for my kitchen. 

The other night I walked into my home just after dark and gasped at the comfort it offered. It surprised me. I walk in this house every evening but somehow the light surprised me, it was the glow from the fire in the wood stove. The rug in the corner, the twenty year old couches, the plant on the coffee table were waiting for me. I felt so certain I was in the right place. That is home.

It waits for us. 

The house feels fuller because we are there. 

We belong, feel situated. 

It takes very little to turn a house into home. 

It is the light, the people, the fire. 

It is the bits of me memory in the little things.

A painting, a rock picked on a beach somewhere. 

The books that you love. 

Something soft underfoot. 

And the thankfulness that it is there upon your return. 

Waiting for you like you never left. 

8 thoughts on “Cozy at home 

  1. Amen.

    I made a living helping people decorate their homes.
    I went into a lot of sterile homes (to me.
    They might have been happy there.) on gold courses and huge homes in gated communites.
    Beautiful! However, not for me.
    Rooms that were never used. Perfectly “decorated”… I love a home
    Sort of making itself.
    Little things from
    Our travels and momentous of our past.
    Recently, I found a child’s silver spoon at a Church thrift store.
    It was amongst the usual kitchen drawer things. I have them $1.00 , as requested and came Home and polished it.
    What appeared on the handle
    Made me pause. JH. My husbands
    Initials. He loved sterling (a long story).
    It was a “Godwink”. Now, every time
    I make a cup of tea, its in my old
    Blue willow english sugar
    Bowl that I found recently (another story).
    See what I mean… it’s all a circle. Life is a circle. I stopped into the nursing home
    To offer to volunteer. I thought I’d come sit and quilt (or hook !) and just let the ladies come
    Up as the wanted and sit and let their stories come out of growing up here in the smoky mountains. Home
    Is where your hook is.
    Love ya Deanne.
    Your doing Gods work.


  2. You are such an inspiring Lady! I do so want to visit you in Amherst this coming year. Thankyou for your gift of language when you write your stories and plan your videos. Love love love them.
    Happy Holidays, Christmas and a fantastic sequicenntennial!
    Dianne Birchard


  3. Home is knowing that you can share those cozy feelings with all those whom you love and who surround you with kindness.


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