One thought on “Hooked with Deanne Fitzpatrick – How do you clean your hooked pieces?

  1. Hey Deanne and all!! I just watched the segment of the blog on how to clean hooked rugs, and I tell everyone who asks me the same thing. I still have my first rug (a welcome mat using wool coating that almost made me quit hooking it was so hard to get those stiff hand cut pieces thru!) that I started many years ago in Deanne’s home studio and I want you to know (and I tell everyone this with a caution) that I have washed it on the gentle cycle in my washing machine 4 times over the years. It lost the border and I sewed some wool cloth over it to repair it, but it still sits on the floor being walked on daily!! A testament to good old East Coast training with Deanne 😉 and using strong natural materials I think.
    now for a question: I have used many circle hoops over the years and now I see you are selling a “G” frame that is similar to a picture frame I even used once. I mostly use a frame with a “paddle” or foot to fit under my torso (my butt to be exact!) or my Cheticamp frame, but the odd time I do need to use a portable hoop, I am constantly adjusting and fidgeting with getting it stabilized. I am a rough hooker, using large cuts of wool etc and it literally pops out of my grip (wedged between a leg and my left arm) often. Any tips?

    P.S. loved the blog post about bringing light in to the holiday season, right on Deanne!!


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