simmer time

Ok, it’s stewing time here in Amherst Nova Scotia

yup, in November I often simmer

on a back burner and I get a little bored waiting for the next idea

that could possibly become a reality.

Some of my ideas are bad, like this morning when I looked at the empty stone bank building and thought I should do something with that.

It would be a good idea if I needed a building but all I really need is a project.

That is why I simmer. I am not waiting for someone to give me an idea of what I should do next.

I just need to wait and see what I can do next. What motivates me and what I am inspired to do.

That is the simmer.

If you don’t simmer you never really get a well cooked , delicious stew. I know that.

So I came in to my office, unsure, thinking, if only I had an idea.

Then a little package came in the mail from a woman I met at 30 Church, my clothing store.

She said after coming to 30 Church and the studio she went home and read my blog from start to finish and that she was inspired. That inspired me.

Then I got a little thank you note from a lovely woman else for an event we hosted.

Then I thought, “Hey, maybe you just need to keep doing what you are doing.”

Two nice notes on one day. I posted them above my desk to remind me to keep doing, thinking and writing. To remind me of the kindness of others.

To remind me to do the same for other people who are good to me, or whom I enjoy.

Then I walked down to the bowling alley by myself and had a piece of pan fried cod. It was really good.

I got very little done today, and that’s okay.

Cause I’m on simmer.

There is no need to be on full boil all the time.







11 thoughts on “simmer time

  1. Hi Diane,

    Simmering for me means I have time to smell the roses and just let things happen. I’m on simmer

    most of the time, and then I reach an occasional low boil which is when I get a few things done.

    The hardest part of getting older for me is the gradual shift from full boil to simmer. But once I

    settled in with the simmer, I realized it’s a peaceful time for reflection which will definitely lead to

    something else. I don’t get much done but I love thinking! Albert Einstein said, “Wasting time is

    not a waste of time.” I’ve definitely embraced his philosophy.

    I always enjoy your thoughts and appreciate your generosity. Thank you so much.


  2. You are truly an inspiration, Deanne! Just keep simmering and smell the roses… Inspiration will be close behind.


  3. Deanne you are so kind always ready to motivate us all. But what fun it would be to see you create a rug selfie of that great photo you have on this post. Or several mini ones. You do women rugs so well. Cheerio…

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  4. Love the top picture of you! You look mischievous! Thanks for “simmer”, sure beats stewing when it comes to hooking


  5. You so inspire me. I just love it when you post something that makes me think… hummm this is an excellent point, this is something I should be doing– like simmering. !!!!! Ideas bounce around in my head.. my thoughts at times consume me, I then feel the need to bring them all to a full boil. Awww thank you… it’s time to just simmer. Cathie Mourre


  6. I am grateful for your words having to do with Simmer. They touched me today and I know why. I have very little time to simmer and when I am burned I am too tired to do anything. I printed the word SIMMER in big dark letters as a reminder give myself this gift and to feel good about doing it. Thank you Deanne-you have so many great thoughts and I appreciate your sharing them.


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