3 thoughts on “Hooked with Deanne Fitzpatrick – How did you get into rug hooking?

  1. I started noticing hooked rugs in the decorating magazines I looked through. There were no local hookers here in Utah, so I got a couple books and taught myself how to. Now, we have a Guild here in Utah and there are quite a few of us, which is SO nice! We even bring in national teachers a couple times a year – very exciting! I find that rug hooking and quilting are very compatible so I divide my time between the two….

  2. The Home Extension Agent in our county in Iowa held a two afternoon workshop to introduce rug hooking to adults in the area. That was 42 years ago and I was pregnant with our second child. It was several decades later that I had time to actually pursue this and women in my area of Indiana to encourage my pursuit.

  3. Can you show us some pictures of your original mats? Just a silly question!! How do you care for your mats?
    My S-I-L loves purples snd lavenders and your one minute has inspired me to make a lavendar mat!!

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