8 thoughts on “Hooked with Deanne Fitzpatrick – What is the biggest mistake you see in rug hooking?

  1. I would hook the sky behind the Smokey Mountains right about dusk as the light changes.My home is in Tennessee.

  2. Hi, just wondering, is the sexy jersey wool to be used just for accents, or can a whole rug be hooked with it? thanks,

  3. I’d use that blue for the deep blue sea! Thank you for the videos. They will be a great help to me.

  4. Well, that GORGEOUS, jewel-toned royal blue would make the PERFECT dress for Our Lady
    Of Guadalupe. To hook her is on my bucket list!!

  5. I liked your coffee with Deanne but I really like the idea of a one minute video. Change is good! That was a great question and an excellent answer…free up those hooks and loops. I am conscientious of tension and the more I hook the better I get at being free with my hook.
    What would I hook with that blue … probably a sea of blue flowers intermixed with some orange ones and Moss green foliage…thinking landscapes..
    Happy hooking!

  6. Love your new QUESTION of the WEEK segment !
    I would hook that beautiful blue you hold in your video into a deep and somewhat angry Newfoundland sea.
    Thank-you Deanne.

    Now I have a question.
    How would one hook a large oversized rug when frame that is available is large , but not that large?
    And in so doing . do you unfold, unroll rug at various times to be sure the color selection is in tune with what has been hooked or do you take pictures to refer to it?

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