Create Beauty Everyday

The other day a woman peeked her head into my tiny studio and said “Thank you for making beauty in our world.” I smiled and thanked her . She said, “No, I really mean it, the world needs beauty. ” I nodded to her that I understood.

And I really did. I knew she valued what I did. I knew that she was intentional about creating beauty herself. 

It is important. More important than ever perhaps or just as important as ever. There has always been turmoil. We need the simple, the lovely, the kind in the face of all we hear in the news. 

When she left I thought about her comment and for just a minute I let it sink in. Creating beauty is important work. It is needed work. It is good and valueable work and the world needs more of it. 

As makers, crafters, artists , we have a responsibility  to make the world a better place. Perhaps it is only a stitch at a time. Maybe a few brushstrokes every day. It is cumulative. One hand over another, making, creating. Anyone who has ever made things knows that when you are making you are a better listener. When you are making a warmth flows through you. When you are making you are kinder.

So , you out there, if you are finding a way to create beauty everyday you are making the world a little gentler for yourself and maybe even those around you. You are doing something worthwhile. Don’t forget it!

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