Fine work if you can get it…and you can get it if you try


As I worked this week on some abstracts with some of the retreat participants I also worked on two other things at the same time. I created a rug for myself and thought a lot about the October workshops in the fall. Everytime I help some one create an abstract or work on one myself I think about teaching others the same.9

That is how my work is. One thing is always blending with another. Ideas meld and merge .

What influences one thing effects another. It is like a chemistry experiment in some ways. Though the ingredients are different.

My ingredients  are wool and people and linen and nature and the simple everyday things around me that make me stop and listen and look.

When I hung the rugs I made this week  I thought about the people in the retreat. How far they came in a few days. The work I saw them make is just one element. What was exciting for me was the work I could see that they could make in the coming months and years. I could see their discoveries, watch their confidence grow. I was able to assure them of  their ability simply by showing them their progress.

Years ago, Ed Colqhoun a local educator was on the board of a community organization that I worked for. He told me that there was no teaching self esteem or self confidence. He said, people naturally gain it by doing things and being successful. You do not teach self confidence in art or rug hooking. You just have to enable people so that they can prove to themselves all they are capable of.

This week  I saw that in everyone who came to the retreat. They already had lots of it but I like to think they left with a little more. I saw them grow in their artistic confidence.

I know that I did. Every time I make a rug that creates a little sense of wonder in me I am grateful. Everytime I grow a little as an artist I am thankful for the ingredients I have to work with… The landscape, the people, the wool, the linen, and so many things of which I might not even be aware.

For every rug I make, every time I work honestly with a group of people to teach them what I know , it is a prayer. It is carried out in hope and faith, with love, and sometimes it is answered.

This week it was answered for me. Thank you to those of you who came to this weeks retreat for allowing me to work along side you.


4 thoughts on “Fine work if you can get it…and you can get it if you try

  1. What a lovely blog Diana about growth and reflection after your Hooking retreat. I heard wonderful things about from Cheryl …..Carol murphy


  2. Have been “mulling” about how to hook the colorful polished surface of an abalone shell–This group of abstracts looks like it could have been inspired by those beautiful shells. Google “abalone” if you want to make your own comparison….these rugs were very appealing to me.


  3. It is so interesting that this was your inspiration. I was trying to guess what it might be as you showed your progress. I think I have to make that jump as I am stuck in realism. The landscapes I have done help in the transition to abstract. Looking forward to October but going to keep my rug on a small scale if I can lol….


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