Self Appointed Color Queen

Yesterday I received a new shipment of dyes here at the studio…its like Christmas, birthdays and getting a new puppy all rolled in to one.  I’m absolutely in my glory!!color queen

I have been dying wool fabric pieces here for a while with some success and much personal satisfaction. It makes me feel like a witch getting ready to mix up a brew, (a good one, ..ahem).  So when Deanne recently mentioned to me about possibly dying some yarn I barely let her get the words out of her mouth before I said “YES!!”. Now I have a new passion, (I needed another one like a hole in the head) and its branched of into my “need” to learn how to knit socks. Why socks? I should actually say sock because once I have mastered one sock, why would I want to be bored knitting the other sock? I taught myself to knit mittens and the fruit of my efforts is still sitting in the basket all by itself waiting for the day its mate might appear, (possibly after I finish knitting this sock-but not likely). Brenda says I should knot two socks at a time and I think she might be right.

dying raspberry jam yarn

Today I will continue to dye and brew up some new mixes for all of you who might want some hand-dyed yarn to add to your hooking or knitting and Georgina and I will have fun naming them too!

Have a colourful day!


Souwester yarn skein

“Sou’wester ” Hand-dyed 100% wool, 2-ply


bluejay yarn skein

“Blue Jay” Hand-dyed 100% wool, 2-ply


Fundy Fields yarn skein

“Fundy Fields” Hand-dyed 100% wool, 2-ply


raspberry jam yarn skein

“Raspberry Jam” Hand-dyed 100% wool, 2-ply


4 thoughts on “Self Appointed Color Queen

  1. I would LOVE to know more about her dye process and set up. The biggest challenge for me is organization!


  2. Beautiful colours !!!!
    Wish your store was closer. It would be so nice to drop in on a weekly visit , even if just to get inspired. Love the names you put on the various dyed Yarns.


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