Sunday evening

Pictured from the studio.The starfish was hooked by Mary Williams from a pattern of mine. The others are for a project I have been working on for a customer. The show I have been working on is nearly completed.

I am loving the cream sky. I was inspired by a book of Lucy Jarvis paintings.

One thought on “Sunday evening

  1. Lovely projects you are working on . I think the cream sky is very interesting ….. I’d like to try that combination sometime. Right now , still working on mega project … Cabbages on the Coast. Challenging due to working on a Cheticamp frame that is nowhere the same size as the rug. Challenging, but definitely workable. Not sure why, but the Star Fish done by Mary Williams you speak of is not on this blog entry unless I’m missing it somehow.
    Good luck with your show, Deanne.


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