A new little beauty came into the world today.

A little one who I have yet to meet. 

One who I love already and cannot wait to hold. 

Snow fell on the weekend. Thick coating of white. 

Walking through the woods with friends.

The woods are transformed into a fairyland. 

Unbelievable beauty.


Rugs finished. Ideas emerging. Holding fast for the next one. Thanking the lord for the last one. 

Every little thing, every big thing, every birth, every beginning. 

All because of grace.

2 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I just signed up for your postings. I found the site on Pinterest and I am greatly impressed by the organization, of your blog, the quality of the prose, the beautiful manner it is presented, and the absolutely wonderful photos. I too live on a beautiful farm with my husband, Shetland sheep, dogs, and cats. Our Christmas holidays were just what you have written but now as we age we spend the holidays pretty much alone. We have stopped the making and sending our Taste of the Farm goodie baskets for Christmas because of shipping charges. The older population in the family have died off and the younger ones have moved away, so that only memories are left, but they are good too. Your posts have revived so many of those memories! Also, I am just getting into rug hooking and will be following your site carefully in the months to come. Thank you.


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