Christmas on the Farm

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I spent Christmas at my boyfriend’s family farm, it was delightful. There’s nothing like a little Boxing Day milking duties to make you feel close to the earth. The snow was softly falling and hearing the cows breathing in the cold air was so peaceful. I took a lot of pictures, one of which I passed on to Deanne and it inspired her to draw a new pattern !

on the farm 11x19


It was such a cosy holiday, it made me want to hook something warm and fun so I chose one of Deanne’s patterns that we haven’t seen hooked before, “Sheep Squares”

24x24sheep squares


Isn’t it cute???!!!

When I hooked it, I added some swirls to the sheep bodies to make them look more round and whimsical, (kind of like me!). I outlined with gladstone chunky yarn in a varigated red and blue, then I did the sheep heads in some great raw wool we had here, complete with bits of dirt and grass in it. I just figured it added to the authenticity of my funky sheep. I also used black cherry sari ribbon for accents. Black cherry sari is my absolute favorite product in the store…it just gives a little bit of sheen and interest to your work and the variations of color in that skein are so nice, you can pick out individual colors to use in different places of your piece.

Gladston 771


Sari black cherry


Then the background was done with bits and pieces from my stash. I was really happy with how it turned out!

Two sheep in squares -Denice

Hope you like it too,

happy hooking!


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  1. Loved your sheep and your memory of the cows breathing. I could feel the moment. Thank you for sharing.

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