Catherine Bussiere: January third

January third
overcast, still, dormant
in the garden I have seen tracks
the kale, bearing dark green frozen leaves, has been visited
the deers and I will share

I baked a squash yesterday
and forgot the to be roasted seeds in the wood stove
they didn’t make it
burnt to a crisp
first the oven wasn’t hot enough
that’s when you forget

we were gone new years eve and day
our cats fared well
camping in the studio
with blankets and food
they were especially cuddly when we came back
it’s good to part every now and then
makes you appreciate

the idea of resolution is floating in my head
when is that suppose to happen
like I should stop drinking coffee first thing in the morning
says I as I am sipping my coffee
but I wanted it so much
I must need it

I did go for a walk first thing
I can do that

there will be lists
these are things I’d like to get done this year
like: get rid of stuff, organize, purge, delete, make room
there will also be: visit, call, connect, take time
and: work, what’s my next move
but that’s not a resolution
maybe the resolution is how will I approach it
it being anything and everything
open mind, open heart, care
that’s sounds pretty good

the fire is roaring in the wood stove
I love that sound
it has heat and hot water and potential of baked goods
I’ll give you a wonderful news
the days are getting longer