Maritime Mary: Assessing 2015


How did we do?

Were we kind enough, 

Generous in thought and deed?

Did we pause enough

To reflect on what we’ve been given,

The comforts in our lives?

Were we sufficiently appreciative?

Did we treat our bodies with respect,

Moving them enough and honouring 

Them with healthy choices?

Did we drawn enough deep fresh air breaths,

Enjoying clear skies, picturesque clouds,

Fresh snowflakes,

Cooling breezes,

And even raindrops on our faces?

Did we smile enough,

Speak to strangers, 

Assist  those in need,

Hold babies?

2015, were we grateful enough

For our family people, 

Our friends, 

Our pets,

Our jobs?

Did we take the time to slow down, 

Even for a few moments each day

To give thanks?


A year of unknown outcomes,

Here we come 

To do the best we can,

Once again!


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