Catherine Bussiere: December 27th

Christmas day was unusually warm this year
but then again, it’s becoming more common it seems
Christmas too was different
for one thing, we were not home
our new daughter and our son wished to host xmas in the city
her parents joined the party
we were invited to celebrate the eve at her cousin
a jolly bunch from Cape Breton, neighbors and extended family
filled a large living room
loads of food, beverages and sweets
covered counters and tables
guitars came out
several little ones ran around
danced, played
it was what one would hope for
and more
a pure delight

over the years I have been meaning more and more
to consume less and less
as far as I am concerned, I have more then I need
this year my husband and I
put our efforts in making things
preserved food for the most part
presented in a beautiful handmade wooden crate
a skillful papa they have

on Christmas eve stockings were hung
both daughters busy filling them
a role I use to take
still, I waited for them to go to bed
and added a couple things
local maple cream, homemade caramels

under the tree there were all sorts of wrapped presents
none from me
I was a tad anxious
the pressure is high this time of year
to buy and wrap something with a price tag
I was hoping the kids would not be disappointed
they are not kids anymore but still
xmas often comes with expectation
hence disappointment
a shame really

when all were sleeping the crates were put under the tree
filled with tastes of home
it felt right
it had to be

Christmas morning was lovely
fruit salad and bubbles to celebrate
presents given one by one
my daughter is a true elf
she loves to find the right thing for everyone
I felt spoiled by all of them
be it from what was wrapped
to their sheer presence and love
to have them all around me
happy and well
what else could I possibly want

the crates were presented last
and I was happy to see their excitement
they were content
what a relief

Christmas can be a struggle
and many can’t fulfill the dreams
to give or to receive
without expectation
to be content with what presents itself
like an warm afternoon
on one of the shortest days of the year

today it is snowing
my daughter is home
I will roast a chicken
Christmas is still on