I just wanted to tell you about Lorna

I just wanted to tell you about Lorna.

You know how some people matter greatly in your life?

Well she matters greatly in mine.

She has worked with me for years and is a blessing.

I have watched her grow from shy to rather saucy.

If there is a pepsi in the lunch fridge, well she just might steal it and tell you.

Sometimes she is singing in her office, and whistling as she crosses the street.

Sometimes she just has her head down to get the job done.

She could walk  mile in high heels.

She has great hair.

She is smart. She is kind. She is lovely.

She looks out for those around her and tells you the truth.

And we are lucky to have her.

Sometimes she complains that I post bad pictures of her. Surely she cannot complain about this one.

If she does I have a really nice one of her with her mouth full of pie.
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4 thoughts on “I just wanted to tell you about Lorna

  1. I love coming in your shop and today my husband saw it for the first time. I knew he’d love the colors and the different textures. In fact he was the one buying a bag of wools.
    It always feels so friendly and relaxed and the oatmeal cookies are great.


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