Catherine Bussiere: such a nice day

it’s such a nice day today
sun is shinning
it’s warm for December
maybe 6 degrees or more
little breeze

I started learning Spanish online yesterday
I thought I’d get back into that routine while drinking my morning coffee
two days in a row now
it’s exciting
I already have a base in Spanish
so it’s easy to slip back into it
I like how pronunciation varies with languages
how words are said
how they sound
how they feel when you pronounce them

yesterday was a basic review
simple words like cats and dogs and water and milk
variations of those words in a sentence
Los gatos beben leche.
The cats drink milk.

today after other lessons on food and animals
I found a bonus skill lesson option
called Flirting
How fun!
now we’re talking
some useful stuff
sentences like
Hola guapo.
Estoy enamorado de ti.
¿Puedo ofrecerte una copa?
translate as
Hey handsome.
I’m in love with you.
May I offer you a drink?

so much more fun
happy Sunday


Sage tea is quite delicious.