Relish December

December for me has never been a month of being over wrought. To me it is a month to relish. to try to slow down a bit.

It is a festival of lights and I love how the colour lights up the dark nights. It feels less like winter is impending and more like something lovely is about to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be busy this month but I mean to enjoy it. I refuse to get overwhelmed by the baking, shopping, visiting, cooking. I want to relish in it. I will do all the things that need to be done but I won’t let them do me.

That means I may or may not make a fruitcake this year. It also means my shopping will be close to home and easy. It means that whatever I need to do will get done but I won’t be holding to myself to standards of other years, or to the standards of others. Each year, each home is it’s own little entity.

I mean to be grateful for who is here, and mindful of who is not.

I want to have faith and joy in a season that is meant to be a celebration.

I mean to celebrate this dark month with little white lights, presents, prayers, and thoughtfulness.

Never mind all the fuss.





4 thoughts on “Relish December

  1. It’d be neat to have a 12-month calendar of you, your work and words.
    You’re an inspiration. A friend sometimes shares your emails.
    Rockport MA


  2. Deanne, thank you for sharing your thoughts, creativeness and just the things you do. You bring me much joy and a feeling that I can “Create Beauty Everyday”. Merry Christmas! Shelley Paige from Morgan, Utah, USA.


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