Wash Line

Almost every day there is a wash line on an apartment balcony that is on my drive home. Once it was all denims hung perfectly upside down in a smile shape. Another maritime wash line, just so you know they are not all quilts on the ocean blowing in the wind. A bit of reality here, a little grittier than the classic Nova Scotia scenes, I love the reality of it, the honesty of it. It reminds me of the saying, “It’s not what you got , it’s how you keep it.”  I love that saying, and remind myself of it often enough. It is so easy to take things for granted once you have them.

Right now I am knitting a big grey wrap  that I imagine will keep someone cozy. On the frame is a large rug that feels quite daring to me right now. Lets hope I feel that way still when it is done. I have turned to the blog to write to give my fingers a rest. I am excited enough about the rug that I want to hook far longer than I should.

We have lots of plans up coming in the studio. One is our winter nights series of events that we are planning for this winter. If you are local , stay tuned , we’ve got a plan to make the winter a bit sweeter.