Get your festive on Girl

 I was so happy this week to see the windows done in both 30 Church Women’s Clothing and my studio. Heather Polley offered to create a gorgeous Christmas mannequin that people are loving and we were happy to have her do it. At the studio Denise Macdonald has created a winter white wonderland. At my home I often just have a simple tree so seeing these extravagant decorations downtown makes me really happy. I love that they are shared with the whole community and we all get to take pleasure in them.

I would never have the patience myself to do these things because in my mind I would wish I was hooking a rug. That is just what I am like. Traditions like decorating windows or having NS send a tree to Boston each year may not seem like a big deal but they are. I just watched a huge tree drive by Church St. On it’s way to a not so distant city and I got a little shiver. I hope some child feels that when they look at the shop windows on Church Street. The shiver…the one that feels so good. 


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