We Do What We Love and Coffee with Deanne #41: Tips for Beginning a Large Rug


IMG_1831I have one friend who gets more done then I could ever imagine doing. She works hard, volunteers and is good to her family. She also is able to go slow sometimes, take time out and refresh.

I never ask her “how do you do it?” because I know how she does it. She just decides what is important and what is not. She eliminates what is not. She delegates. And the rest of the time she just does what she does.

What is important changes over time. One time it was important for me to bake cookies. I had small kids and they needed that smell in the house to remember when they got older. So I baked cookies then but I don’t anymore (unless I want them). In some houses baking cookies was never important and that’s okay. It was important to me at the time so I did it. Now the idea of baking cookies or cinnamon buns hardly occurs to me. I make time for other things now that won’t even occur to me in a few years.

The essence is we make time for what we really honestly, truly believe to be important. We all have the same amount of time, some of us are faster at some things, but then again, some of are slower at some things so it probably balances out. Our values determine what we do, what we make time for and though our core values may remain the same over a life time, our circumstances change, and sometimes what we value changes too. And that’s ok.






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  1. Selfie stick CWD was great. I suggest having a silent timer so you will not be afraid of running out of time or going to long. Best BER


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