Maritime Mary: Our Ash Tree

Shortly after we moved into our home, so many years ago, we planted an ash tree in the backyard. It grew quickly and in summer, while in full leaf, it provides both a welcomed shade and appreciated privacy. 

The leaves of the ash tree turn slightly yellow in autumn. After a frosty night, as the sun warms the air, all of a sudden the leaves begin to fall. When our children were growing up, on sunny and cool October mornings, we would wonder if it was the day, the day for the tree to disrobe. Often it seemed to occur on a Saturday, fortunately, as we would be home to wait and watch for a sign. Many times we would watch in awe as leaf after leaf would fall to the ground. Unlike our maple trees, which drop their leaves over a period of a week or more, the ash would be bare and empty within an hour. It made a great show, our tree was telling us that it was beginning the season of hibernation. 

Today was that day.