Maritime Mary: Visiting Bouctouche

Late August meananderings recently brought Greg and I to Bouctouche, a pretty little town found along the Northumberland shore of New Brunswick. Properties are well kept and coastal flavour is rich. 

As we drove to the well known dunes, we passed beaches with groups of people busy digging for clams, some up to their knees in the water. Clumps of upturned sand attracted a gaggle of Canada geese who were checking out clams for their supper as well. 

The beach along the dunes is perfect and families were enjoying the warm late summer day. The breeze russelled the sea grass as we sauntered along the serpentine boardwalk while the crickets noisily sang their song. It is a respectful place where one can learn of the natural dunes and the impact of environmental changes all while enjoying the breezy salt air. 

Supper followed at a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed a fabulous meal, seafood of course!

The Mariimes in the summer – perfect!