Diane Krys: The Lazy River

One of my favourite features in the recreation centre where I swim is The Lazy River. It’s a winding channel of water with a current. It swoops and curves in an irregular circular formation so you can float with the flow or go against it for more of a challenge. I start with a workout against the current and then I let the river take me. As I bob along I often think of how the experience reminds me of creativity and developing ideas.
I think letting go is important to really see where an idea can go. That point in my creative process feels like going limp in the water where I let an idea push me around like the waves and currents. I let them roll me away from where I think I want to go. There’s no straight line or destination. I am adrift like a leaf that floats along the water’s surface: still, swirling; gentle movements, frenzied spirals. Forget strength and technique. Flailing is good. My jellyfish limbs move in different directions. No more strong, symmetrical, measured strokes. I invent new moves. The water is my choreographer. As I tumble and turn I see things differently; details, patterns, compositions.